Dollar in Panama today: price of the balboa to the US dollar on April 11. USD PAB

In the last session the American dollar it was negotiated at 10:47 a.m. 1 balboa, which implied a 2.38% rise compared to the price of the previous day, when it stood at 0.98 balboa.

Considering the last week, the American dollar records an increase in 2.36%, so that in year-on-year terms it still maintains a rise in 2.28%. Analyzing this data with that of previous days, it ended two consecutive days with a negative trend. In reference to the volatility of the last week, it was 21.47%, which is a figure visibly higher than the annual volatility data (9.09%), showing itself as an asset with greater alterations than normal.

In the annual photo, the American dollar it has come to be paid in a maximum of 1 balboa, while its lowest level has been 0.97 balboa. The American dollar it is placed closer to its value than the minimum.

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