“Do not come to Hawaii deceived”: the harsh warning behind the words of Maru Botana

In the last days, Maru Snack surprised to say that Lucyone of his daughters, works as a maid in Hawaii. “Last year she went with friends, she liked life there and now she is settled,” he said.

“It is installed and very happy working. It is a way to become independent and earns 40 dollars per hour”, revealed the renowned cook about the life that the 21-year-old leads in the American islands.

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In dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, Botana stressed being “a very open mom” and that her daughter will remain there for four months. After these statements, a group of domestic workers who live in Hawaii told how work and life are there.

Juan Etchegoyenjournalist from We in the morning (eltrece)said that he received an audio “from a person called Estivali” representing a group of women who felt the need to clarify some issues.

Domestic workers from Hawaii gave their testimony of what it is like to work there (Video: Nosotros a la Mañana).

“I’ve been on Maui for 18 years. I am the ‘property manager’ in a house where we employ ‘housekeeping’ (house keepers) and, although we would like everyone to charge 40 dollars an hour, the truth is that that amount is not charged an hour for housekeeping”, indicated Estivali.

The woman added: “There is not much demand for work.” She also maintained: “Renting is very difficult. There is no charge of $40 an hour. When you start working, you earn much less than people who have been here for a long time and are legal. The price is between 25 and 30 dollars an hour for girls with papers”.

Lucía dislikes the idea of ​​being a “daughter of” and works abroad as a domestic employee. (Photo: Instagram / marubotanaok).

And he completed: “All are legal employees and they charge between 25 and 30 dollars an hour and they also pay their ‘taxes’ (taxes) from there”, indicated. And he closed: “I wanted to tell you To all the Argentine girls and boys who come to Hawaii for a better life, don’t be fooled”.

Lucía’s decision to live in Hawaii

On October 24, 2022, when Lucia Solá turned 21 years old, Maru Botana dedicated heartfelt words to him on his Instagram account. There, she made clear the personality of her daughter, which she manifested from a very young age when she hid behind an armchair to cut her hair. “That’s when I realized that your thing was to be free,” the chef proudly recounted.

Lucía Solá, the daughter of Maru Botana who works as a domestic employee in Hawaii.  (Photo: Instagram / marubotanaok).

Lucía Solá, the daughter of Maru Botana who works as a domestic employee in Hawaii. (Photo: Instagram / marubotanaok).

The decision to work in another country was entirely Lucía’s and she always demonstrated her need for freedom. “It was hard for me to understand you, but I realized that you work differently and that you like to solve things alone”, Maru pointed out in that post.

Then, she proudly stated: “You never banked on having a famous mom and behaving well in front of people. When I challenged you in the car, you said to me: ‘Who are you? Maru Botanita?‘. To this day, it is impossible for you to say ‘I am the daughter of Maru Botana’ to achieve something”.

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