DISMISSALS, SUSPENSIONS, SALARY discounts and payments in FEES, despite the decree

In the past week, automakers, small SMEs, and major appliance retailers have decided to crack down on staff

Despite the national government decree prohibiting layoffs for two months, companies of various sizes and items ordered the layoff or suspension of hundreds of employees.

In other cases, they resolved to cut wages or pay in installments to deal with the crisis.

From large automakers and construction companies to small SMEs and major appliance sales firms They decided to take harsh measures against the personnel to face the economic situation that the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant.

“The layoffs have not materialized and will not materialize,” President Alberto Fernández had assured a couple of days before the decree, but beyond the warning, a large number of layoffs and suspensions were unleashed, along with cuts in wages. .

The initial kick was given by the powerful business group Techint, when in the middle of the quarantine it affected 1,450 employees, although the Ministry of Labor ordered a mandatory conciliation for 15 days on Monday to stop the conflict.

The same day the decree comes into effect, On April 1, a Chinese capital construction company laid off 200 workers who worked in the Vientos de Miramar wind farm, which is being built in that town on the Atlantic Coast..

The automaker General Motors, before the sharp drop in sales and the situation caused by the pandemic, extended throughout April the suspensions of the 1,500 employees it has at the plant located in the south of Rosario.

The company, whose models are among the best sellers, reported a new work scheme with suspension of contracts and 25% salary discounts in the case of administrators who will work under the modality of “home office”.

Mirgor, a company dedicated to items as diverse as auto parts and mobile telephony, announced the dismissal of 740 workers at the plant located in Tierra del Fuego.

The company justified this measure in that the pandemic caused a “sharp drop in industrial activity”, although everything is on hold as a result of the negotiations carried out within the scope of the provincial Ministry of Labor.

Two giants dedicated to the sale of household appliances and technology items, Garbarino and Musimundo, only paid just over a third of the salaries to the 4,500 employees and guaranteed medical coverage for the month, although uncertainty about the fate of the companies worries the all workers.

Dabra, controller of the sports brands Dexter, Stock Center and Netshoes, communicated to his employees, by email, that he decided to license them until the end of the month and that in that period they will receive half of their wages, alleging “health care ”

In the midst of the pandemic, Some 25 guides from the Teatro Colón were disaffected and are now asking, under the protection of the decree signed by President Alberto Fernández, to be reinstated.

Although the conflictive situation – absence of payments – predates the coronavirus crisis, everything worsened with the arrival of the pandemic, because visits to the historic Buenos Aires theater were interrupted.

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