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The “black January” or “technological winter” continues, which affected employment in the sector that seemed the most solid and stable in the entire market

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02/06/2023 – 08:57 a.m.

Dell Technologies was not finally saved from the wave of layoffs in the main North American technology companies, and would have on the table a workforce adjustment that would affect 6,650 workers, following the plummeting demand for personal computers. It would be 5% of his payroll globally.

As reported by the Bloomberg agency, the company led by Michael S. Dell would be the last technology giant to join the “black January” that swept thousands of jobs in the sector in response to the drop in demand after the ‘boom’ experienced since the pandemic.

Many of Dell’s peers and competitors had already had to cut back. HP Inc. reduced its workforce last November by 6,000 workers. Cisco Systsems Inc. and IBM announced that they would lay off 4,000 workers.

With all this, the technology sector lost around 97,171 jobs during 2022, 649% more than in 2021, according to Bloomberg.

Dell joins the wave of layoffs

The company had already announced a drop in sales of 6% in Octoberwith a forecast for the future that is far from improving.

Dell is experiencing market conditions that “continue to erode with an uncertain future,” co-chief operating officer Jeff Clarke wrote in a memo seen by Bloomberg.

Tens of thousands of tech talents were laid off from big companies

Tens of thousands of tech talents were laid off from big companies

According to the technology spokesperson, the reorganization that took place in the company’s structure, apart from the layoffs, will mean an “opportunity to increase efficiency.”

“We’ve navigated economic downturns before and come out stronger,” Clark wrote in a note to his employees. “We will be ready for when the market picks up.”

technology layoffs

In the last year, tens of thousands of people around the world, precious and scarce tech talent, have been laid off by big tech companies.

Alphabet, the parent of Google, announced a cut of 12,000 employees; Amazon one of 18,000; Goal (Facebook) of 11,000. In some cases, they are the largest payroll adjustments in the young history of those companies.

Twitter also kicked off this latest wave of layoffs by showing the door to 4,000 people. Microsoft added 10,000 to the statistics and PayPal added 2,000 workers, 7% of its workforce. Amazon, one of the companies believed to remain unaffected by this trend, cut 18,000 positions, 6% of its corporate payroll. It was followed by Salesforce, which once led the ranking of the best companies to work for globally, also with thousands of layoffs.

To this we must add the layoffs of advertising, development, security, etc. companies.

In Argentina, the layoffs were not as massive, but they included companies such as Buenbit, Tiendanube, Mudafy, Wisboo, among other notable cases.

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