delay INCREASES for employees outside the agreement

30 percent are evaluating staff suspensions and another 13% consider implementing dismissals due to the drop in activity

The consultancy PwC Argentina announced this week in a webinar the results of a survey carried out in the first days of April.

For the same, it surveyed 150 in the country, of which the 55% performed essential activities according to the definition that the national government had given up to that moment.

The report “Human Resources in times of Covid-19” showed that even with the exceptions to the isolation measures implemented until April 4 (when the survey ended), the 74% of those companies declared having had a drop in your business level. Of that amount, 54% confirmed a drop in sales and 15% had directly stopped operations 100%.

Only 4% said they had improved their sales and 22% considered that they continued operating in the same way as before the quarantine, with very few significant changes.

Very few of them, just a 30% made some kind of determination regarding the personal what is no homework. In these cases, it was decided to share tasks with more demanded areas, to do administrative work or account organization, database analysis, or to receive training.

Other actions they are planning to implement to alleviate this stage of less activity are:

– advance holidays (35%)
– offer voluntary retreats (10%)
– Reduction of wages, temporary cut of executive salaries, reduction of working hours, etc. (10%)

But even more worrying is that there is a 13% what is under analysis cut staff and other 30% which evaluates suspensions.

Several companies postponed or have in study salary increases planned for the months of March and April for the staff out of agreement “ Damián Vázquez, partner of PwC Argentina, and María Fernanda Alvarez Apa, manager of People & Change of the consultancy, said when presenting the report.

However, it is also worth noting that the 44% of the companies that at the time of carrying out the survey were considered “essential”, Bindar already increases of salary in March and / or they will do it in April.

The “essentials”

The employees of supermarkets, those of factories of foods and drinks, those of laboratories, continued with face-to-face tasks

Of the 150 large companies surveyed by PwC, 67% had Business Continuity Protocol and therefore the pandemic found them prepared. In this group only 10% are not operational at the moment, five points below the general average.

PwC executives also did an analysis distinguishing in compensation and benefits what happens in 55% of the firms in the sample that are considered “essential” and where many people continue to fulfill tasks in person.

In this group, the 44% cover extra expenses which may be incurred by personnel attending the workplace and mobilizes in public transport. Almost 50% offer some type of company mobile – combi, taxi, micro, etc. – and more than 80% have some type of benefits for those who attend with their own vehicle.

30% of these “essential” companies also plan to offer some form of recognition these collaborators who continued to carry out tasks during the quarantine and some in fact they are already doing it.

Among those who still have this measure under evaluation, “the majority are thinking of a extraordinary fixed sum“they indicated from PwC.

Furthermore, until early April at least 90% of organizations that continued to operate delivered to employees hygiene kits and care to protect yourself from contagion in the workplace, and also they extended the distance between the Job positions. Very few took any type of more extreme measure, such as taking the temperature, reducing the number of personnel per shift or increasing the cleaning frequency.

And perhaps the good news amidst the brake on the economy brought by the pandemic, is that a fifteen% of essential companies increased their endowment –A 8.5% on average- during the isolation stage to face the change of context and prevent itself in case there are contagions within its ranks.

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