Dalma Maradona received an unexpected surprise on her birthday

Dalma Maradona turned 33 years old this Thursday, without a doubt this is a special celebration for being in the middle of a pandemic, and not being able to celebrate it with friends and family.

In dialogue with the program Must see (The Nine), the actress said that during the first hours of the morning she received a special gift from her family: through a video call she received the simultaneous call from her dad Diego Maradona, his mother Claudia Villafañe and his sister Gianinna.

The daughter of Diez explained that although they sometimes have confrontations, and Claudia has a trial with Diego, they are in good relationship: ” Yes, they are on trial, but we also passed the birthday of Benjamin (Agüero) and we had the most good time, I know it is not the most normal, but I do not start to analyze it. My mom has no problem getting together with my dad despite everything. ”

” I understand that many are amazed by the relationship we have, and it is obvious, it is not something normal, but I also say I saw my dad literally dead, so I have another rod related to my relationship with him, I also know that he did not come to my marriage and my relationship changed from that, but not for that reason I am going to stop showing my daughter and sharing moments with him if he wants to say hello for my birthday ”, the young woman recognized.

“May you be fulfilled by all the happy things in the world. Eternally grateful to them for bringing you into my life. I wish you extreme happiness and to be able to hug you soon! ”, Gianinna had written in an Instagram story, where the four members of the family were seen blowing a kiss at the camera. He also wished him: “Happy life to those who take care of me more than anyone else in the world.”

Regarding its incorporation, the Dancing 2020, Dalma acknowledged that his decision to participate in the ShowMatch tIt has to do with the number of calls it received in recent years from production. “For different jobs, I couldn’t accept, I was always about to say yes, but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. This year everything happened and there are many people I know who will be there, and that motivated me, “he said.

When asked about the conditions that she put in to compete, the daughter of “10” was forceful: “I didn’t ask for anything and I suppose that production is going to do everything possible to make me feel comfortable”, making it clear that he prefers not to share the track with both Diego Jr. and Verónica Ojeda. In this sense, I hint that he “does not want” to talk about his father’s ex-partner.

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