COVID-19 in Mexico: There are 29,843 deaths and 245,251 infected more than a month after the new normal

José Luis Alomía, General Director of Epidemiology, reported that this Friday, June 7, Mexico reached the 29,843 deaths from COVID-19. In addition there are 245,251 accumulated infections since the first positive case began on February 28.

In the country there 26,063 confirmed active cases, which represent the active epidemic in the country. There are 301,986 negative cases, 77,750 suspects, and a total of 624,987 people studied by the health authorities.

This evening conference is number 126, in the day 33 of the “New normality” under a red and orange traffic light, which will change this Friday and will govern for the next 7 days.

The Valley of Mexico registers the highest number of infections (Photo: EFE / Hilda Ríos)

The Valley of Mexico registers the highest number of infections (Photo: EFE / Hilda Ríos)

The official reported that in the International panorama, World Health Organization (who) registers America as the place where the confirmed and active cases are concentrated with 1,352,907, that is to say 57.7 percent.

Europe registers 265,771 cases or 11.3 percent. The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is 10,710,005 but those confirmed in the last 14 days are 2,343,005 or 22 percent. The overall case fatality rate is 4.8 percent.

So far, thes entities that concentrate a greater concentration of cases they are Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Tabasco.

Paramedics transfer coronavirus patients (Photo: Pedro PARDO / AFP)
Paramedics transfer coronavirus patients (Photo: Pedro PARDO / AFP)

This day, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo reported that the shopping malls will be closed next week, even though it was planned to open its doors. Another measure to control the number of infections is the closure of the Historic Center during this weekend.

Currently the capital, along with the State of Mexico, concentrate the number of infections and deaths caused by the SARS-CoV-2 In Mexico, for this reason, the president’s concern is not less, since in the event of contagions soaring, the city will step back in the epidemiological alert traffic light.

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