Covid-19: 80% of the Cordoba industry reduced its production

During March, and as a consequence of the isolation by the coronavirus, 80 percent of the industries in Córdoba reduced their level of activity compared to the same month of 2019.

The data comes from the survey carried out by the Industrial Union of Córdoba (UIC) on a universe of 516 companies from different sectors.

Only 5.8 percent of the respondents assured that their level of activity increased.

Payment chain

The drop in production levels also impacted the payment chain. As of March 20, the date when the social, preventive and compulsory isolation was decreed, 60.29 percent of the industries admit that the payment chain was cut.

While 17.56 percent of those surveyed admit that the term was extended: up to 60 days, for 40.7 percent of those who admit a postponement and up to 90 days, for 20 percent.

These days, the main difficulty that companies are going through is the payment of wages.

The survey shows that 32.31 percent have the obligation to cancel the assets as the main concern, while 22.93 percent focuses on the drop in demand.

Access to benefits

When asked if the company has been able to access the benefits granted by the National Government, 18.04 responded that they had taken the micro-SME loan with an interest rate of 24 percent, but 71 percent assured that they did not receive any type of benefits. .

Only 1.1 percent accessed assistance for the health emergency (Repro).

Remote work

Regarding the modality of work during quarantine, 21 percent of the companies indicated that up to 10 percent of the workers did telework, while 45.25 percent of the respondents assured that they are not doing remote work.

Support measures

Faced with the situation table and consulted on the measures that the Government should implement, the industries pondered: total opening of the banking system, covering salary and social security expenses by the State, quick access to credits for salary payments and working capital , lower public spending, exemption / reduction of taxes, postponement of maturities of obligations, among others.

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