Covert layoffs proliferate and work to make insulation more flexible

They would allow more activities linked to those of basic sanitary necessity, to also avoid a fall in consumption and job losses

Representatives of the private sector who met with government officials agreed to work on an agenda to make isolation more flexible and allow more activities linked to those of basic health need, to also avoid a drop in consumption and job losses.

“It was an interesting meeting and the president showed that he is fully aware of the situation. He promised to do everything necessary so that the economy can be opened as soon as possible,” said Natalio Grinman, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, who claimed the reopening of banks to also meet the needs of SMEs.

“Surely we will have from 13 a segmented opening of the economy and possibly before an opening of the banking sector,” he said. The President of the Chamber of Commerce was Jorge Di Fiori, and Eduardo Eurnekian, Alberto Grimoldi and Víctor Dosoretz, members of the Institution’s Executive Board, served as directors.

In the afternoon, Fernández received the dome of the Argentine Industrial Union in Olivos. Miguel Acevedo, head of the UIA, raised what will happen the day after the quarantine with the industries.

For his part, the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, confirmed that an orderly exit will begin to be sought to resume activity after quarantine, also in dialogue with the Ministry of Health.

One of the points is the claim of companies for the lack of supplies, as in the case of packaging. “I have a company that manufactures toilet paper, but if I do not have polypropylene, I cannot make the packaging,” said IPA head Daniel Rosatto.


Some companies announced salary cuts of up to 70% in the entertainment sector, such as the case of Neverland, although the issue also reached consumption. Garbarino announced that he would pay only 30% of the salary.

The Government aims to sustain the level of employment and income and generated a series of measures.

Salary in installments are other alternatives. Most companies postponed the cancellation of non-essential issues to privilege the payment of salaries, newspaper Perfil reported.

General Motors extended the suspensions of 1,500 employees it has at the plant located in the south of Rosario during April.

In this context, there were companies that had announced layoffs before the DNU and the cases are in the hands of the Ministry of Labor. The most notorious was the firing of 1,450 workers at the hands of Techint in a group construction division. But there is also the case of Mirgor, from Rio Grande where they announced the layoff of 750 workers. In the media sector, Labor will continue the negotiation for the closure of the Pronto magazine.

“The emergence of the” coronavirus “and the consequences it will have on economic activity and the labor market multiply the challenges of the labor market,” Luis Campos analyzed in a report by the CTA-A Observatory.

The context “clears any doubt about the infeasibility of recovering a path of” normality “under the rules that governed the behavior of economic activity and the formal job market in recent years,” they added.

Last week the construction sector warned of the loss of 100,000 jobs. Also in tourism they point to 200 thousand at risk throughout the country. And in commerce there could be many others.

For its part, the Petroleros union also warned of the possibility of layoffs and asked the Ministry of Labor to set up a joint commission and a work environment. The leader of Petroleros, Guillermo Pereyra explained that “the initiative of all the unions in the different basins of the country is to find an alternative to the crisis prevention and thus avoid dismissal of colleagues.”

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