Coronavirus: with applause and the Hymn, the residents of 9 de Julio pay tribute to the nurses

In the July 9th cityIn the province of Buenos Aires, residents joined in the ritual of applauding health personnel at 9pm. There are no balconies there, that’s why everyone goes out to the sidewalks and so the neighborhood is full of appreciation.

They are very far from the discrimination that some doctors, nurses or pharmacists received from their neighbors, who were even asked to move because they believed that they would infect everyone.

“Here you breathe solidarity and gratitude“said Sofía Gaitán, one of the honored professionals, in dialogue with TN and The People.

The woman is 29 years old, has two children, is nurse and works at the local hospital. In the city of 9 de Julio there are three confirmed cases of coronavirus and the sick are serving the isolation in their homes.

“Although they were not in the hospital we work with the necessary precautions because we are exposed and we are afraid of getting sick and infecting our families, “said the woman.

Their neighbors know about the fears of the health personnel, the security forces and the firefighters, that’s why every day at 9pm they take to the streets to applaud them.

But this Tuesday was special, because they were invited to enjoy the recognition live and direct. In addition to the applause, they sang the verses of the Argentine National Anthem. So they waited for them after a day of hard work.

“Was exciting. They were blocks and blocks of neighbors applauding. I got goosebumps when I saw them. I want to thank them, these gestures do us great and help us to move forward, “the nurse concluded.

Written by Argentina News

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