Coronavirus | They will denounce the nursing home in Belgrano for abandonment of person and spread of disease

After the evacuation and closure of the nursing home “Apart Incas” in Belgrano, where 16 older adults and three employees were infected by coronavirus, the next of kin of the people who resided there will denounce the case before the Justice.

Represented by the lawyer Ignacio Trimarco, they will present themselves as plaintiffs and will make a presentation for abandonment of person and propagation of a contagious disease. It will be against the owners, the doctors and the State. “They were informed that there was a positive case. They called 144 on Friday and did nothing,” the lawyer said in a dialogue with the agency. Telam.

A doctor in charge of the establishment assured that the situation “was known by the City government. “” We communicate with them all the time, and on Tuesday we had positive swab results. They told us that we had to refer patients to social work but none wanted to receive it, “he said.

On Tuesday afternoon the nursing home was evacuated and closed, and SAME transferred the infected to different health centers after the 19 positive cases were detected. Ambulances removed the elderly on stretchers and with oxygen in the presence of their relatives. From the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health they said they are analyzing the promotion of criminal actions.

The relatives denounce that older adults had been abandoned and that the nursing home reported infections due to email. “On Sunday morning they sent us an email saying that there were cases in the residence. Then they asked us to look for our relatives because on Monday there would be no staff to take care of them,” said a daughter of an older adult staying at the ” Apart Incas “in dialogue with TN .

He explained that they called the two doctors there but had no response. “They were erased, they abandoned us. Some people came looking for their loved ones and took them away. But I can’t, because my mother is an invalid and needs help, “she said. The woman tested positive.

She criticized that when she called 107 to know how to proceed, they replied that she would have to take care of her herself. “They told me it was a my problem. As there are no doctors in the place, each family called their prepaid to send an ambulance and attend to them, “he complained.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic:
What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it spread (Infographic:

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