Coronavirus: they violated the quarantine, they went surfing and they told it on social networks

A group of friends broke mandatory quarantine to go sailing, they recorded a video and mocked on social networks. The Police located them and now they face a court case.

The five men spent Sunday in the Parana River, in the province of Santa Fe, in the area where the Mora Stone, a well-known rock formation that can be seen when the waters drop, and is located between the cities of Piedra Blancas and Santa Elena.

Here we are, in Piedra Mora, breaking the quarantine. With my friend Pinino, “says the man in the images that were shared in TN and The People. In the video, which lasts just over a minute, people can be seen on two boats.

As reported by the local media The eleven, the Police Chief of Police Station No. 15 of Santa Elena, Diego Godoy, pointed out that when he learned of the video, he contacted the city, Hernandarias and Helvecia prefecture, which is located in the province of Santa Fe .

Finally, after the search, from Helvetia They confirmed that they are people from that city and have already been identified.

This morning they were each notified at their home of the case that started against them, and will be charged once the health emergency situation returns to normal.

Friends who broke the quarantine face a court case. (Photo: Aire de Santa Fe).

For her part, the prosecutor on duty Maria Laura Martí ordered that in addition to notifying them of the crime for which they are being investigated, boats hijacked and other elements of interest for the cause, the newspaper reported Santa Fe air.

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