Coronavirus: they processed and seized in $ 25 million the young man who traveled in infected Buquebús

Federal judge Luis Rodríguez process and foreclosed on $ 25 million Luca Singerman, the 21-year-old man who on March 19 traveled infected with coronavirus from Uruguay to Argentina in a boat with 400 passengers, without informing about his state of health.

According to the investigation, Singerman had been tested in Uruguay prior to shipment and I knew that the result had tested positive. However, it took several minutes to communicate it to the health authorities of Argentina.

While, nor could it be proved that he had notified the Buquebús staff about this situation. For this reason, the magistrate resolved to seize and prosecute him without preventive detention as “criminally responsible author of the crime of violation of measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the spread of an epidemic.”

In this context, the youth’s negligent attitude is expected to lead to multiple demands. In this regard, the City government anticipated that it will demand payment of US $ 7,700 thousand for the expenses of the isolation operation of the 400 people traveling on board the ship, which included the rental of combis and the transfer to hotels, among other things

As it emerged, one of the hypotheses of investigators argues that Singerman he got on the boat in Cologne “knowing” that he had a coronavirus, but failed to report it to the ship’s authorities.

In addition, he is accused of having completed the affidavit required by the National Directorate of Inspection and Border Health of the Ministry of Health of the Nation in which He assured that “he did not present any of the symptoms”, although a COVID-19 test had already been carried out before undertaking his return to Argentina.

In his defense, the young man He maintained that he found out that he had tested positive “already arriving in Buenos Aires”, When he received a WhatsApp message from the Uruguayan clinic where the exam was done.

In accordance with the consignment of the agency Telam, from the proof it appears that the boat moored in Buenos Aires at 19.28 and that a minute later the young man received the message confirming that the test had tested positive. However, did not report it at 19.40, time when the health authority got on the ship, but at least 15 minutes later.

In this sense, Rodríguez argued in his ruling: “The urgency of entering Argentina is what is understood to have guided him in that behavior, especially when the closing of the borders was a fact at that point of events – even the trip was listed as repatriation- but it is unacceptable that in order to fulfill his mission he concealed his condition as infected “.

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