Coronavirus: The TN team that travels the country had to undergo the mandatory swapping to enter Jujuy

With the journalist Paula Bernini in front, the team of TN He undertook a trip to discover Argentina in quarantine. This Friday they had to be done the test to detect coronavirus as a mandatory prevention measure to enter Jujuy. With the negative result in their hands and the permission to circulate in the province, they related in first person what the study is like.

“Any person who wants to enter Jujuy and comes from another province must remain in mandatory quarantine for 14 days, unless you can afford a coronavirus test, “ Bernini explained.

The study lasts three hours and is carried out in a field hospital. “They take the pressure, the temperature and make you a swab. Then, you have to wait in isolation for the result “, counted.

“The swab is not painful at all, yes a little annoying. It is not invasive, it was very fast and they did it to us with great delicacy, “added the journalist.

After the wait, the medical team gathered the seven people who make up the team of TN and communicated to them that his tests were negative for Covid-19, so everyone can continue traveling through the province.

“Now we can continue on course” Bernini expressed with joy. “Each province has a protocol and we respect it. That it has given us negative is also a tranquility for our families.The entire team of TN is continuously trying to follow all the safety and hygiene measures “, concluded.

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