Coronavirus | The Ombudsman for the Elderly blamed the Government for the ranks of retirees in the banks

The image generates anger and concern: long lines of retirees they wait to collect their assets in banks across the country, which puts their health at risk since the distance of one meter between people is not met, as recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Eugenio Semino, defender of the Third Age, launched harsh criticism of the Government for the collection operation ordered by the Anses authorities and asked for the resignation of its owner, Alejandro Vanoli, and of the Secretary of Social Security, Luis Bulit Goñi.

“The outrage arises because it is an absolutely self-provoked situation, because we have been warning since March 20 that we had to keep paying, taking turns, and the Anses did not respond“, expressed in dialogue with radio Rivadavia.

“President Alberto Fernández should ask for the resignation of Luis Bulit Goñi, Secretary of Social Security, and of Alejandro Vanoli, CEO of Anses, “said Semino.

Thousands of retirees across the country stood in long lines to collect. Credits:
Thousands of retirees across the country stood in long lines to collect. Credits:

In this sense, the man who represents grandmothers and grandfathers emphasized that many retirees did not have money because they could not collect the March credit because the attention by box was not enabled during the total isolation ordered by the national government.

“Retirees are told about home banking and an electronic wallet when they don’t even have a leather wallet to put in the few little pesos they receive,” he said.

On the other hand, Semino was concerned about another collapse situation that could occur next week, when the PAMI vaccination schedule begins. “Retired people mobilize there again, I hope they take precautions. If it is done well, it is a process that should take only 10 minutes,” he concluded.

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