Coronavirus | “The first thing I did was cry,” said a pharmacist discriminated against by his neighbors.

Despite the repeated expressions of appreciation that most Argentines offer night after night to the healthcare professionals who fight against coronavirus, in the last few hours some worrying cases of discrimination against these people as a result of the close contact they have with the disease.

One of these unfortunate events took place in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo, where a poster appeared that stuck in the elevator of a building warning: “If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or you dedicate yourself to health, leave the building because you are going to infect us all hdp”.

Lives in that building Fernando Gaitán, a pharmacist 34 year old who found the message and, in dialogue with Synthesis, told what it was like to see him.

I was very outraged, because I go out every day and expose my life and the lives of those who live with me, and the truth is that it is not pleasant because my health is worth like that of any other, “he assured.

On social networks, Fernando published the poster that he found stuck in the elevator (Photo: TN capture).

Later, Gaitán described the attitude of his neighbors as “discriminatory, cowardly and unfounded”, since he maintained that at no point in his routine does he come into direct contact with them. “I am almost never in my house, it is not that I walk through the corridors of all the floors,” he assured and proposed: “I think that if these people know that both I and other residents of the building work in health, you can come and talk to me and I give you guidelines on how to take care of yourself. “

In addition, he said that given the intimidating tone of the message decided to report the fact to a prosecution, and then regretted meeting him again. “The first thing I did was cry, because we are super isolated. We cannot hug anyone and no one can comfort you. It is terrible what we have to go through, “he said.

For this reason, he said that he published what happened on social networks in order to raise awareness and disseminate other similar cases. “This is the other side of society. Will they think I like working in this situation? “, I ask.

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