Coronavirus | The crude story of the brother of the Argentinean who died in Los Angeles after they refused to take the test three times

Andrea Halberian, I was 42 years old, I was Argentine but lived in the United States for more than two decades, where I worked as a babysitter. On March 22, he received the result of a test that confirmed that was positive for the new coronavirus and he told it on Facebook explaining his symptoms, like “violent vomiting ” Y respiratory distress. The day after its publication, was intubated at the University of California Hospital (UCLA), she developed pneumonia and died on April 2.

In dialogue with TN, his brother Alexis Halberian, 41, said: “He had traveled from New York to Los Angeles with the family I worked with on March 13, because they could see all this isolation coming and they went to the house they had there. “

Andie, as they used to call her, had been living in the Big Apple since 1998, but had traveled with her husband to California to accompany the family she worked for.

Alexis explained that her sister’s first symptoms started in the week of Monday the 16th, with a picture of vomiting. “Entered the emergency room three times, due to dehydration, a lot of vomiting until that weekend they did a study, an MRI or tomography and they saw a spot on his lung and told him it was pneumonia. They sent her to a hotel with antibiotics, “recalled the victim’s brother.

The message that Andrea Halberian published on her Facebook account to detail her symptoms and ask her family in Argentina to stay at home (Photo: Facebook)

Andrea he had asked to be tested of coronavirus but in the health center they refused “because of a protocol issue”. The weekend of 20, the woman started with breathing difficulties and she was admitted to Intensive Therapy, where she was tested.

According to the victim’s brother, the woman seemed to be improving, but in recent days she started having difficulties breathing on her back. “On Monday the 23rd he sent us a message to warn that they were going to put on his respirator and he was more or less well the first week and the second week began to deteriorate, it was difficult to breathe on his back, even the news is “, Andrea’s relative revealed remarkably excited.

“We do not know if vomiting were symptoms of the virus or not because everyone was talking about cough and other symptoms,” Alexis said, explaining that her sister was “diabetic, but not insulin dependent “, and that when he lived in Buenos Aires” they seized him bronchospasm generally in the changes of season “.

Andrea’s brother does not know when the woman became ill, if in New York, during the flight to Los Angeles, he only remarks that she “I was very obsessive about cleaning”, who took off her shoes before entering her home, who always carried gel alcohol.

Andrea and her husband Lars Christian Ottesen were married in 2019 in a ceremony that was held in a fifth in the province of Buenos Aires. (Photo: Facebook)
Andrea and her husband Lars Christian Ottesen were married in 2019 in a ceremony that was held in a fifth in the province of Buenos Aires. (Photo: Facebook)

Now him Andrea’s husband is fulfilling the quarantine compulsoryalthough so far showed no symptoms. He arranged to call the hospital daily to find out about his wife’s health and keep her family informed.

Knowing that they will not be able to keep vigil over the remains, the family contacted the Foreign Ministry to initiate when possible the procedures to bring the ashes to the country. “The Foreign Ministry people were very kind. They are going to cremate it these days and we will ask to repatriate his ashes but we don’t know if they are going to bring them now or if her husband is going to bring them later personally, “Alexis explained.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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