Coronavirus | Rosarinos make a stretcher for patients with coronavirus

The pandemic that affects all of humanity prompted innovators to create products to cope. Among them, that of a Rosario company that produces an innovative stretcher that seeks to isolate the patient with coronavirus and thus prevent health professionals from becoming infected.

It is an initiative of the Nümorph firm, which for more than 20 years has designed and manufactured inflatable products and equipment, the newspaper said. The capittol from Rosario.

In product development a team of architects and engineers worked It is made up of PVC glass canvas and fire-retardant treated canvas that are heat-sealed at its ends and a rigid internal arch structure, and it has a chemical filter like the one used in safety masks.

The stretcher is 2 meters long, 70 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high.

Hernán Batalles, one of the owners of the company, told the Rosario newspaper that the project arose when they took notion of how the virus was spread and it became a reality when “a client asked us to manufacture it. We did it and we already delivered several ”.

In addition to the stretcher, the company has already developed other elements to make tasks in the health field safer and more accessible: inflatable tents, stretchers that are used to transport patients in health helicopters and inflatable operating rooms, among others.

Written by Argentina News

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