Coronavirus | Retirees and pensioners return to queue at banks to collect their credit

This Friday, some 3 million retirees were on the street -according to official estimates to which it agreed TN– to try to collect the assets for March and April. Given the chaos, the Government and the Central Bank decreed the opening of banks this weekend in extended hours and andthere are people queuing at branches early.

According to the BCRA circular, banks will open 10 to 17, for exclusive attention to retirees and pensioners through the window in the metropolitan area, that is, in the City of Buenos Aires and the suburbs. For the rest of the provinces, the end of the day will be two hours after the usual closing.

The new payment schedule, according to the termination of the DNI is as follows:

Collection pending for the month of March and non-contributory retirements

Saturday April 4 – 0 and 1

Sunday, April 5 – 2 and 3

Monday, April 6 – 4 and 5

Tuesday, April 7 – 6, 7, 8 and 9

Benefits for the month of April

Monday, April 6 – 4 and 5 Non-contributory pensions

Tuesday, April 7 – 6, 7, 8 and 9 Non-contributory pensions

Wednesday, April 8 – 0 Retirements and contributory pensions less than 17,859 pesos

Lastly, the BCRA reported that, starting on Monday, April 13, the schedule announced by ANSES will continue.

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