Coronavirus.- Merkel thanks those over 65 for the perseverance exhibited during the pandemic

07/03/2020 dpatop – 03 July 2020, Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes off her face mask before delivering a speech at the German Bundesrat on the objectives of Germany’s EU Council Presidency. Photo: Wolfgang Kumm / dpa
Wolfgang Kumm / dpa
(Wolfgang Kumm / dpa /)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dedicated her weekly message this Saturday to the country’s citizens over 65, who she thanked for the perseverance shown during the coronavirus pandemic, given their special vulnerability to the virus.

“I know that for you, everyday life, which is often difficult and lonely, has become even more difficult and lonely,” explained the chancellor. “But, in spite of all these difficulties, I have not found anger in many older people, but rather understanding towards our policy of contact restrictions, necessary to avoid contagions. For this, I am very grateful,” he added.

Merkel has referred, among other things, to the numerous newly created initiatives in which young people help the elderly, for example, by running errands and shopping or helping them to make everyday life easier for them.

“I would love for these initiatives to continue for a long time. The need for such support between generations will continue to be there when, one day, we no longer have to fear the virus,” said the president.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany has exceeded 196,000 this Saturday after 422 new infections to which are added seven new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 9,010 people.

In total, 196,096 people have contracted the virus across the country since the pandemic was declared, according to the new balance sheet from the Robert Koch Institute, the German government agency responsible for the control and monitoring of infectious diseases.

The balance confirms that some 181,300 people have recovered from the disease, after 400 new discharges in the last hours.

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