Coronavirus | Maximum care for older adults: building porters will assist them

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, head of the Buenos Aires Government, launched this Wednesday a program to caring for older adults before the advance of the coronavirus in Argentina.

In this context, the City signed a agreement with the doormen of buildings to assist older adults: they can buy foods staple, make your formalities And till walk your pets.

“The agreement is for building managers to carry out solidarity actions towards the owners and tenants of their buildings. That includes assistance to older adults“, said the chief of Buenos Aires Cabinet, Felipe Miguel.

In the City, the program will have a network of 30 thousand volunteers who will assist the older adults by telephone and in person.

Larreta made an x-ray of the situation of the elderly in the City, which is believed to be a scheme that is repeated throughout the country. Thus, they were divided into three groups: those with economic resources and family; those who make ends meet but have no people to assist them, and that they have financial difficulties and they do not have someone to accompany them.

Based on their needs, they will be constantly assisted, either remotely or in person.

The initiative will be replicated in the country

We agreed that each district would put into practice in detail this general emphasis that we place on the care of older adults.“Larreta said, that last Tuesday he met with President Alberto Fernández and the provincial leaders.

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