Coronavirus in Nuevo León: infections grow with 295 new cases and 12 deaths

Narrative | 2020 July 02, Thursday

According to the latest official data, in New Lion people infected with coronavirus have increased an 4.97% after registering 295 new cases today, which raises the number total positives in the region a 6,226 people.

Of all confirmed cases, currently 1,336 they are still active this Thursday and 4,546 people the virus has expired. However, the number of people who have died as a consequence of the disease is 344, after confirming the death of 12 people this Thursday, according to the latest data.

Mexico adds 741 deaths from COVID-19 in one day

According to the latest data, currently in Mexico there are 24,734 active cases COVID-19 after confirmation 5,681 new positives and 3,988 medical discharges this Thursday. Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of infected has risen to 231,770, with 178,526 recovered and 28,510 deceased.

Most affected places in the country

The regions of Mexico who are being more affected by the impact of the coronavirus are:

  • Mexico City, with 48,568 infections (+554 new positives) and 6,642 dead, the most affected in the country at the moment.
  • Mexico state, with 34,953 infections (+700 new confirmed cases) and 4,450 deaths.
  • Tabasco, with 10,921 infections (+248 new cases) and 1,078 Dead people.

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