Coronavirus in Argentina | Zorrita, the dog that had been stranded in Salta returned home

A few days ago we counted on TN and The People the story of Abril and her bitch Zorrita they had to be separated in full quarantine. The girl was traveling with her pet in Bolivia when the coronavirus pandemic started. The Argentine consulate in that country brought them to the province of Salta, but the animal could not return to its owner until Buenos Aires because the authorities they didn’t let her get on the mike.

Far from abandoning her, April did not get on the bus either and together with a friend they began to ask for help and they asked each car that passed to take them to the nearest town to sleep. But no one helped them. They walked a long time until they returned to the gendarmerie station. There they explained what was happening. Officers said they would have to be detained because they were violating the quarantine and notify the prosecution.

With tears in his eyes and after telling the situation in great detail, one of them told him that take “Zorrita” to her house and take care of her. He ordered to stop the bus -which he had already done 100 kilometers- at the next post and there, April, I can go back to his house.

Abril and Zorrita in one of the many trips they made together. (Photo: Facebook / Abril Echeverría).

Abril contacted the gendarme’s family every day and they told him that “Zorrita” was very well cared for, fed and received a lot of love. Now, on social networks, the girl said that your pet returned home.

Zorrita spent a month in the Celeste’s house where she was adopted as one more member of the family. He took her to the vet where they did all the checkups and put together her health book.

In the veterinary They lent him a cage in case it was necessary for the transfer. The dog was taken to Susana’s house where she stayed for a few hours and from there, to the route where they met Raúl who was finally in charge of bringing her to Buenos Aires.

After a long journey, Zorrita reached the Central Market, where she was received by April’s father. Susana and Celeste, the “guardians” of the pet are teachers and Abril asked donations for the schools where they teach.

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