Coronavirus in Argentina | Three doctors from the Roffo Institute got infected during a training

Three doctors from the Ángel Oncology Institute Roffo, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto, they tested positive in the test of coronavirus after participating in a training in the area of ​​febriles on the correct use of protection elements. Four others healthcare professionals they were isolated for prevention.

The Director of the health center, Dr. Alfredo D’Ortencio, confirmed to which is about personnel areas of infectology, gynecology, neuroncology and hematology who shared this training. Of the three infected, the Roffo authority assured that “everyone is asymptomatic”.

The workshop was held on Friday, April 17 and six doctors participated. As you could rebuild based on Institute sources, during the course they had to do the practice with the same mask, cap and camisole. The source consulted, who asked for strict reservation, indicated to this media that they shared the protection equipment since there was only one kit and stated that the lack of elements to carry out the workshop could have facilitated the contagion. When asked about it, the director of the institution stated: “These things happen, let’s not generate alarm”.

The Institute explained in a statement that during that weekend one of the training participants developed fever and cough, and was admitted to the Finochietto Sanatorium. By becoming aware of this, all close contacts were recommended to isolate At home, among them were the five doctors who had been with him.

The doctor interned, according to the official report of the health center, had two negative swabs and evolved favorably, so he was discharged on Friday the 24th. That same day, the Covid-19 test was performed on the doctors who had been with him, even though they had no symptoms and three of them tested positive. The other two showed negative results, but resolved that they should be isolated by prevention. “We waited for a week, which is the time recommended by the health authorities to avoid false negatives,” they clarified in the Institute document.

“None had contact with patients”, D’Ortencio said, since after the workshop they went home and then stayed at home. Following this result, they again reviewed any close contacts these doctors may have had in the hospital. Based on this, they determined that a gynecology nurse and a doctor from another service will also enter preventive isolation.

The Director of the Roffo assured that this experience “served to perfect them” and said that three new determinations were made: measure your PCR everyone who goes to enter the operating room or to start a treatment oncological, take the temperature to all staff when I entered the institution, something that was only done with patients, and continue shopping supplies for the protection of all personnel.

After the positive cases in the Roffo, the version of the closure of the infectology area had circulated. The director of the institution denied it and assured that “the attention capacity is intact”although he recognized that some sectors were left with less staff. However, they plan to cover the absences with the incorporation of residents and with the help of other professionals.

At the close of this note, at the Roffo Institute there was no patient hospitalized with COVID-19. “My anger is that doctors are the most exposed because we have several jobs, because we receive low salaries, “reflected the director of the center, who is a reference in oncology in the City. Faced with the situation, D’Ortencio asked not to raise an alarm and he said that he is in contact with Health of the Government of the City and Nation to see the possibility of mass testing To all staff. He communicated with spokesmen of the Ministry of Health of the City of Buenos Aires and the Nation. From the national portfolio they said “to have heard the information”, but could not specify data. From the Buenos Aires Ministry they assured that they had no data in this regard. The Rector of the UBA, on which the Roffo Institute depends, was also consulted by this means and said it was unaware of the news.

Massive testing of medical personnel at the Clinics

From the Roffo they reported that in the week of April 20 to 26 10 swabs were taken in the fever area, which was opened to attend to patients with coronavirus, despite the fact that there were still no cases at the Institute. The results of these tests were processed at the Faculty of Medicine. And all negative, except the three previously mentioned.

Dr. Alfredo D’Ortencio, director of the health center, said that at the Hospital de Clínicas a massive test was carried out on 200 people to detect asymptomatic patients and that all were negative. This information was confirmed by Fernando Chamot, press of the Clinic Hospital, who told what did they start to do “pilot samples” in this health center for 15 days. The first shot was made to both doctors and workers, and none tested positive.

“We have only a nurse with positive COVID-19“explained the hospital spokesman, and assured that the staff has all the necessary security elements thanks to donations and own resources, “he explained.

Chamot assures that the Rectorate of the UBA is working according to the determinations of the Ministry of Health of the Nation and cannot confirm that the mass testing of doctors in other hospitals because “it is known that are scarce resources “.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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