Coronavirus in Argentina: they stopped him at a control, he had signs of COVID-19 and they isolated 11 policemen

In Rada Tilly, a town of 10 thousand inhabitants located in the south of Chubut, the Police kept isolated for more than 24 hours 11 officers who arrested a backpacker with coronavirus symptoms. Although this Friday the test confirmed that the man is not infected, the provincial authorities they started an investigation to determine how he got there without being detected by the controls.

The officers were working at a roadside checkpoint in the coastal town when they arrested a person from another province who had symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and who, in addition, I had a capture request. As reported by the local media South DNA, the man was a backpacker who traveled “by finger”.

“I had a high fever and a cough, two of the symptoms of a coronavirus carrier, so the protocol was applied. He was isolated and also eleven officers of the force, as much of the turn that acted as of the following one that had contact “, informed the deputy police chief Néstor Gómez Ocampo.

The police have been isolated in a special place since Thursday and the man was referred to the Regional Hospital. Finally, this Friday local media confirmed that the coronavirus test gave it negative, so the officers resumed their tasks.

Meanwhile, from the province’s Security area they are investigating how was it possible for the backpacker to enter Chubut without being detected by any control. According to himself, he told the police officers, he would have been traveling from the north of the country and arrived in the province because a trucker approached him.

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