Coronavirus in Argentina | They delayed 52 people in an electronic party in Rosario

The Santa Fe Police delayed 52 people who participated in an electronic party in a house in Rosario on Sunday morning, as confirmed by the province’s Ministry of Security to

The uniforms arrived at 11 am on Sunday at a 2900 Campbell Street home after a neighbor alerted them to constant annoying noises.

He Prosecutor Gustavo Ponce Asahad ordered the 52 involved to be delayed. Technically it does not mean that they were detained but that they were brought to justice.

The Special Prosecutor of COVID-19 of Santa Fe also ordered to check the background of the accused, take photos of the place and kidnap all the material of interest from the party.

Researchers also they seized all the cell phones of those apprehended to determine who organized the massive event in the middle of the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus.

The mayor of rosary beads Pablo Javkin made social isolation more flexible due to the low number of new cases, but parties are still prohibited as well as parties and mass events. Instead, this weekend he implemented the “circles of respect” in the parks.

The prosecutor must determine in the next few hours the procedural situation of all. Chances are that he will set charges against both the homeowner and partygoers, order probing statements and release them, but with the investigation underway.

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