Coronavirus in Argentina | The Government anticipates a peak of contagions “flat” for June

The Government anticipates that the peak of contagion of coronavirus occur in June and make it “flat”, anticipated Health Minister Ginés González García. He clarified that the situation “will depend” on what is done in May and defended the mandatory quarantine, which helped contain the infections.

He recalled that in the initial estimates the infection ceiling would occur in April or May, according to official estimates, and that it is now expected for later.

“There is talk of a peak for June, which can be flat. Likewise, what happens on that date will depend on what we do in May, since there is no accurate forecast. This is not mathematics but biology, “he said.

He defended isolation and said that Argentina is in a best situation than other countries. “It was less bad for us than other countries, because these days of quarantine were many best than we thought “, raised in dialogue with Uncover Radio.

He confirmed that the measure will continue and indicated that in the next phase there could be flexibility in activities in the areas least affected by COVID-19. “Some social and economic measures are going to to vary according to geography, “he explained.

Fernández, the hardest to maintain quarantine

Although this scenario could vary, since the president Alberto Fernández He led a meeting with ministers in Olivos on Tuesday night in which he was very hard in maintaining the measure, he anticipated Marcelo Bonelli in Up Argentines.

He explained the need to continue with the restrictions so strict and relativized the progressive empowerment of activities, which will be under the responsibility of governors and mayors.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Infographic:
What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Infographic:

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