Coronavirus in Argentina: the Buenos Aires Minister of Health considered it “probable” that it will return to phase 3 after July 17

The Province announced that after July 17 “it is probable” that it will return to phase 3 of the quarantine due to coronavirus, that prevailed prior to the implementation of strict isolation. Buenos Aires Minister of Health Daniel Gollán said that he expects the contagion curve “to slow down its growth” due to the restrictions that were imposed since Wednesday in the metropolitan area.

In the AMBA, made up of the City and the Buenos Aires suburbs, the strategy known as “hammer” to lower the cases. It consists of the application of strong activity limitations, such as public transport only for essential workers and the closure of shops that are not considered priority items.

Gollán said that he expects the curve “to slow down its growth” and stressed that due to the measures taken, circulation decreased. He stated that one of the goals is to get as many people as possible stay in your houses, to reduce the possibility of contagion. “When movement is drastically lowered, the circulation of the virus decreases,” he said.

He explained in dialogue with Uncover Radio that in the last days the occupation of intensive care beds “had been growing between 1% and 2% per day” and that the results of the current phase of isolation will be seen in two weeks. He considered “probable” that after the end of this stage, on July 17, it will return “to a similar stage” to phase 3, which lasted until Tuesday.

He said that the doubling time of cases currently stands at eleven days and that “it is desirable” to “stretch again 15 or 16 days up.” He explained that they are trying to reduce isolation cases and that they are promoting early detection operations, so that the contagion curve “grows more slowly”.

He stated that plasma treatment of recovered patients showed “encouraging results” although he clarified that “there are still no conclusions” on this therapy. He said that several vaccines are tested in the world and that in the event that Argentina is chosen to test it, the Province will be included. “If the possibility appears we can do tests. There are conversations,” he said in Uncover Radio.

The ranking of the municipalities with the most cases

The province of Buenos Aires is the district of the country most affected by COVID-19. According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the territory of Buenos Aires has accumulated 33,310 positives since the start of the pandemic, of which 1,671 were confirmed in the last 24 hours. It accessed official data and made a ranking of the most infected districts. The list is headed by the municipality of La Matanza, with 4886 people with coronaviruses, 62 of whom died.

In decreasing order, the list is made up of the municipalities of Quilmes (2661); Avellaneda (2068); Lomas de Zamora (2040); Lanús (1882); General San Martín (1533); Admiral Brown (1457); February 3 (1178); Merlo (1115); Florencio Varela (1047) and Moreno (941).

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