Coronavirus in Argentina | She hid in the trunk of a remis with her dog to go see her boyfriend

On March 20, the Government decreed mandatory isolation throughout the country to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Despite the ban on going out, many people break the law. Last week, the model Agustina Princeshe hid in the trunk of a taxi to go see her boyfriend from the Federal Capital to Avellaneda. “Christian, look what I do with you,” she says in a video that she herself uploaded to Instagram.

A similar case happened Wednesday morning in Córdoba. The difference: the woman who broke the quarantine in that province was discovered in a vehicle control.

The provincial police were on one of the bridges that connects the peripheral neighborhoods with the center of the Cordovan capital, and when the car passed by, it had to stop, like everyone else.

There, the driver showed his permission to circulate, but when he was asked to open the trunk they met the woman, who was accompanied by her dog.

This person she tried to justify her actions saying she was going to her boyfriend’s, but she was immediately detained along with the driver, who was accused of being an accomplice. Apparently they both knew each other.

Since the social isolation began, more than 11 thousand people were arrested in Córdoba for not complying with the quarantine.

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