Coronavirus in Argentina: Jujuy will enable cycling from Wednesday

After enabling physical activity during the mandatory quarantine, arranged in front of the pandemic, Jujuy will go one step further in flexibility and will be the first to allow its inhabitants riding a bicycle.

As confirmed by the governor Gerardo Morales, since this Wednesday, between 8 and 20, the bicycle will be able to be used in the district. Citizens may leave according to the termination of the number of DNI.

Cyclists must ride with chinstrap and may not go out in groups. At most two people can be accompanied, traveling with at least a meter of space between them. In addition, a posterior or anterior distance of at least 20 meters regarding another couple of cyclists.

As Morales explained in statements to Network, This possibility will be put into practice because “it is not a contact activity”. He also stressed that in the province for five days there have been no new cases of COVID-19.

The possibility of riding a bicycle adds to those of jogging and walking, that the local government authorized last week.

“The President asked me how the experience was, how we were doing, what measures we took and what protocol we apply,” said the governor and expressed some relief at the situation of the district he directs and the way in which they advance in the control of the pandemic.

Circulation according to the DNI number

Those who use the bicycle to travel to their places of work will not be restricted from departures according to the dates that correspond to their document, a condition for those who use it for recreational or sports purposes.

In accordance with what is determined by the Province, Monday, Wednesday and Friday those who have a DNI completed in odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). And Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, those that end in an even number (0, 2, 4, and 6).

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