Coronavirus in Argentina: He is the director of the Red Cross and he denounced that in his building they scanned him

While a large percentage of neighbors applaud the healthcare professionals, who battle the coronavirus, there are others who continue with the escraches for fear that they are causing the virus to enter the building and that the contagion becomes massive.

On Thursday night, the new victim was Rodrigo Cuba, Director of Emergencies of the Red Cross. Upon arriving at his Balvanera building, he found a sign inviting him to leave the place.

“Dear neighbor Rodrigo, from 7 B: it is time for you to start taking care of your neighbors. We know about your work at the Red Cross, but today we have to take care of ourselves! Please do not go home. The State has shelters for the personnel of the Health. Do not return anymore!!!!!! “read the sign that was pasted in the elevator mirror.

Rodrigo Cuba came across the sign when he returned home on Thursday night. (Photo: video capture)

“As I was going up to my apartment, I read Rodrigo and I thought it might be someone else, but when I keep reading and see the Red Cross I realized it was for me,” said the young man in the air of TN.

Asked about the task he performs day by day in the face of the critical health situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Rodrigo explained: “As part of the Argentine Red Cross, we are carrying out a very large operation. Cuba is in charge of the Home Monitoring and Remote Assistance Center to support those who are infected or isolated because they are a risk group. Every time he returns home, the young person respects the care protocol to eliminate any possibility of contagion.

The man linked the escrache with the lack of information: “Misinformation generates stigma and this is a case. ” Despite the bad moment, the professional recognized the good treatment of the rest of the neighbors and said that he prefers to keep that image. “Many other neighbors wrote to me, they even went down to the apartment to tell me to stay calm, and that I could go home.” “This moment must serve us to be closer together,” he concluded.

It is not the first time that an episode like this occurs before health professionals. In the last days, they went viral escraches in different parts of the country, and they all have the same particularity: they are anonymous messages and the only thing that becomes visible is the name of the doctor in question.

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