Coronavirus in Argentina | An employee of Congress died: she lived in Villa 1-11-14 and her two children have symptoms

Among the victims for coronavirus In the country of last Tuesday, the case of a 49-year-old woman came to light and worried in various ways, since worked as an employee of the nation’s Congress and lived in Villa 1-11-14, one of the areas most vulnerable to compulsory quarantine.

Andrea Gómez had been admitted to the Santa Isabel de Flores Clinic, when she was admitted for pneumonia. There they performed the swab, which tested positive for Covid-19 after death.

Gomez He worked as a staff in the Senate cleaning sectorSince he had pre-existing diseases, he was on leave from March 6, long before compulsory social isolation was issued.

The worrying thing is that Andrea lived with her two children, who are admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas with symptoms compatible with the pandemic, pending the test result.

They all resided on 1-11-14, an otherwise vulnerable area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires, and which was spoken of in recent days by a video recorded by one of its inhabitants, showing how many people were on the streets walking and shopping, even riding a car and motorcycle without respecting quarantine.

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