Coronavirus in Argentina | Alternate attendance and without sharing supplies: what the protocol for back to school says

While the AMBA is going through a period of strict isolation, in a virtual meeting the education ministers from all over the country unanimously approved the protocol to return to the classroom presented by Nicolás Trotta, in the context of the pandemic by coronavirus. Among the agreed points, which are 10, the suspension of school events, the prohibition that students lend their supplies and a staggered return to activity stand out.

The protocol constitutes a minimum floor of requirements for the opening of educational institutions, from which each jurisdiction may add additional criteria and adapt them to its local reality.

“The reality of the circulation of COVID-19 in the country is very diverse, that is why we support the importance of building consensus by helping to contain and destroy the logical fears that our families, teachers and students may have,” said Trotta. after the agreement of the 24 jurisdictions.

One of the agreed central points has to do with hand washing. For this reason, 15 minutes will be allocated weekly to review how it should be done correctly, in addition to the fact that each institution will be required to have access to soap and water.

When it comes to recess, the time will be divided so that there are no large groups in the courtyards. The same will happen in classrooms: the distance between each student must be at least 1.5 meters.

Each jurisdiction may build its own complementary regulations. For this, the provinces must submit a Jurisdictional Plan to return to face-to-face classes before the National Ministry of Education, through the General Secretariat of the Federal Council of Education.

Top 10 Guidelines for New Normality in Schools

1- Establishments must ensure the access to basic hygiene supplies: sinks, water, soap, alcohol gel and waste baskets. At least 15 minutes per week will be allocated to review the importance and correct procedure of hand hygiene.

two- The time of admission will be spaced. In other words, there will be different shifts to avoid crowding at the entrance to the school and traffic congestion. The schedule will avoid rush hour work.

3- The use of the mask it will be mandatory at all times. Its correct use must be explained, completely covering the nose, mouth and chin, and its cleaning techniques.

4- The distancing It will also be mandatory. Two meters in common spaces and 1.5 meters in the classroom.

5- It will also be implemented alternate assistance, with classes from home to have more space in the classrooms.

6- Sharing will not be allowed mate, dishes, utensils, or other personal utensils.

7- “Bubbles”. This is the new order in the classrooms that the National Ministry of Education advises: divide the class into small groups of three or four students – always respecting the distance – that work at the corners of the classroom.

8- The playtime nor will it be the same. There will be a specific schedule for each grade to minimize interaction as much as possible.

9- There will be no acts school until the situation allows.

10- Before a suspicious caseThe first action will be the isolation and swapping of the student. The colleagues who had contact with the positive assumption will be located -even if it is not confirmed- and they will also be isolated and tested. The next day, the school will be closed for disinfection.

The protocol

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