Coronavirus in Argentina | A private clinic in Escobar intervened for 23 positive cases

The municipal authorities of Escobar together with the PAMI intervened the private sanatorium San Carlos after 23 cases of coronavirus were confirmed, added to the state of abandonment of the people who were hospitalized there and the lack of compliance with sanitary protocols.

The joint operation to transfer 27 patients from the institution to other health centers ended on Friday morning, after which the preventive closure to fully disinfect the building and put it in a condition to get it working again.

The PAMI reported this Saturday that the patient transfer operation began on Friday around 19:30 and was supervised by the mayor Ariel Sujarchuk and the executive director of PAMI Luana Volnovich.

Escobar’s mayor, Ariel Sujarchuk, along with the PAMI head, Luana Volnovich, at the San Carlos clinic. (Photo: Twitter)

At the same time, swabs are being carried out among all health personnel and special follow-up on 23 workers and patients after it was confirmed that they contracted coronavirus.

“We are committed to guaranteeing the health of our members, that is why we refer them to other clinics; now we will carry out the process of disinfection, control of work staff, equipment and to see that the protocols are followed to put the clinic back on its feet, “said Volnovich.

The official stressed that “Argentina as a whole is concerned about increasing the capacity of beds and respirators. So our commitment is reopen the clinic for the residents of Escobar and from PAMI and the municipality we are going to guarantee it ”.

Meanwhile, the mayor brought peace of mind to the clinic workers, who since Friday went into municipal orbit. “We want to tell the staff that their work sources are assured, that we come with responsibility to sustain public health and to expand rights, “said Sujarchuk.

In the municipal communication, the mayor made some clarifications about the operation: “The negotiations had started since the end of 2019, but the delays and speculations of the current owners delayed the efforts and caused the situation of neglect and emergency in which the clinic is currently. “

“Yesterday we put an end to this situation, thanks to the intervention and collaboration of PAMI and the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, we signed the agreement by which we obtain ownership of the private health center, at no cost to the municipality. This week the Deliberative Council will ratify this operation that we carried out on Friday, and from Saturday, May 2, finally, the San Carlos Clinic becomes municipal, “he explained.

The municipality of Escobar will manage the San Carlos Clinic from Saturday, May 2. For that, together with PAMI, 20 multiparameter monitors and 70 continuous infusion pumps were purchased, among other medical supplies, to improve the quality of medical care at the center.

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