Coronavirus in Argentina: a nursing home was evacuated from Belgrano with 19 positive cases

A nursing home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano began to be evacuated following a massive spread of coronavirus between employees and residents of the place. It is the residence for the elderly Apart Incas, located on the Avenue of the Incas at 1000, on the corner with Zapiola street. According to information, 29 older adults live there.

This afternoon, several ambulances from SAME and prepaid medical services went to the scene to transfer the elderly. From the Government of the city of Buenos Aires reported that “So far there are 19 people, between residents and workers of the institution, confirmed cases.”

Several of them have already been referred to different medical, private and public centers. However, others still remain on site awaiting transfer.

In this context, government authorities added that “in the absence of an adequate geriatric response, SAME intervened to facilitate the referral procedure for COVID-19 patients who remained at the institution.”

Furthermore, they reported that Gerontological assistants were made available to the institution, in case they require them, so that they attend to the residents who remain in the nursing home.

The latter is because Relatives of retirees living in that nursing home, reported that the two doctors who care for them stopped going for several days.

Patricia, daughter of a resident, He said that his mother is one of the infected and will be referred to a sanatorium in the next few hours, after agreeing to the transfer with your prepaid. In dialogue with the media, he complained about the actions of the geriatric authorities and assured They were notified of the contagion last Sunday morning through an email.

“They sent us an email advising that there were cases of coronavirus here. We began to receive messages privately so that we can come to look for our parents and take charge, because on Monday there would be no more staff. There are people who were scared and came to look for the parents and took them away, “he said.

Roxana is another family member who was present at the gates of the nursing home in the midst of a context of uncertainty. “My dad tested negative but the person who was taking care of him, the only nurse there was, tested positive. Now I have no idea how it is. I haven’t seen him since March 4. Since we knew that they are high risk patients, we decided to isolate ourselves much earlier. And we made video calls to communicate, “he said.

“It was a very distressing situation since On Sunday we received the email telling us that we had to take our relatives. It was the only thing we had for information. Luckily SAME took over the situation because there are no staff to attend to the grandparents, “he added.

The operation continued until late at night.

Since preventive and compulsory social isolation began, there have been several episodes of evictions in nursing homes in the city of Buenos Aires. Last Saturday two mobiles of the Police of the city of Buenos Aires appeared at the Geriatric Institute San Lucas, located in Medina 1650, Avellaneda Park, after the son of a person who lives there reported that several older adults in the place had symptoms compatible with the coronavirus.

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