Coronavirus in Argentina│From a deer to cows: animals win the streets before quarantine

As the quarantines for him coronavirus they are generalized in the world, nature seems to regain its rights in cities empty of inhabitants. Animals living on the periphery now venture into the urban centers in search of food.

The swans swimming in the crystal clear waters of Venice were only a preview. Coats, a family of ducks, a weasel and alligators were seen in our country.

Users of TN and The People they were able to record in pictures the animal walk through the streets of their neighborhoods.

An unusual situation was registered in González Catán, where they recorded a deer walking along route 21 in the party of Merlo, on the edge with The slaughter.

– To everyone’s surprise, one weasel appeared in the Luis Agote hospital of Chamical, in the province of The Rioja.

– Also the town of Chamical, in The Rioja, Carlos went out with his car to do the shopping and found two cows very loud at the door of a pharmacy.

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