Coronavirus | “I will never forget you”: the message from a patient discharged to the doctors

Felix Novillo is 63 years old and infected with coronavirus. He believes that he ended up infected after a recent trip to Tierra del Fuego with his wife, who had no symptoms, and there he would have been in contact with a foreigner visiting the south of the country.

The truth is he was hospitalized for 20 days at Río Cuarto Neoclinic, Cordova, and in the last hours he was discharged. A user of TN and The People He shared the video of the patient with the doctors and nurses who treated him.

In the images he is seen going out into the corridor of the clinic and raising his arms in triumph, while applauded by health personnel.

“He effort was between all. We have achieved it. I thank my family doctor and all of you who have made me feel at home. Thanks for everything and I’m very happy. I will never forget what you gave me, “she said through tears.

And to finish them promised a barbecue by the time this is all over.

In dialogue with the Channel 13 local, the patient revealed that in no moment was afraid to die by coronavirus. He assured that the worst day was when they admitted him, with a diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia and fever, but he pointed out that with the medication they gave him he immediately began to feel good.

“When the confirmation that I had a coronavirus came after five days, I was already perfect. I talked a lot with Dr. Rodrigo Salas Santander, my doctor. I spent my days reading, doing crossword puzzles, I did a lot of gymnastics, I watched TV. I was scheduling the day to isolate the state of anxiety. I was able to bear it perfectly because of the medical team and the rostrum: my family and a lot of friends who were pulling in from the outside, “he told Digital News.

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