Coronavirus | He traveled in the Buquebus with the infected, broke the quarantine and forced to isolate 20 gendarmes

The reckless story of a young man with coronavirus who arrived in the country in Buquebus with more than 400 people adds a new chapter with another gesture of unconsciousness: a retiree who was among the passengers contracted the disease, did not comply with the quarantine and forced to isolate the 20 gendarmes who detained him in Gualeguaychú.

It all started last March 19, when the ship arrived at the port of Buenos Aires, around seven in the afternoon, and one of its passengers warned the National Health personnel that it was infected. It was Luca Singerman, son of a well-known economist and who is defended by Mariano Cúneo Libarona in the case against him.

The 423 people who traveled with him were transferred to hotels in the City of Buenos Aires to fulfill the 14 days of mandatory quarantine. On April 3, the norm that governed by presidential decree ended.

However, an 83-year-old Argentinean, identified as Ramón Basterio, who lives in Punta del Este, Uruguay, left the Pan-American hotel where he was isolated and He took a taxi that took him from Recoleta to Gualeguaychú, where he stayed at the house of relatives, sources of the case indicated to

The Health and Prefecture operation on the ship, on March 19 last. (Photo: Prefecture).

On April 2, he was detained by the Gendarmerie when he tried to cross the neighboring country through the Libertador General San Martín bridge, in Entre Ríos, for breaking the isolation.

Federal judge Hernán Viri ordered that he be transferred to a house in that city until April 5, when he was released and repatriated.

Gendarmerie controls in Gualeguaychú. (Photo: Gendarmería).
Gendarmerie controls in Gualeguaychú. (Photo: Gendarmería).

The retiree had no symptoms but was admitted to the other side of the Río de la Plata due to a complication of his diabetic condition in a Maldonado hospital.

In that sanatorium, on April 7, the doctors confirmed that, in addition, had coronavirus. It is still in serious condition.

In addition to the gendarmes who arrested him, personnel from the Argentine consulate, the Argentine consul in Fray Bentos and the family with whom he was in the city of Entre Ríos were isolated.

As if that were not enough, the agents who were in contact with the retiree, unaware that they were facing a positive Covid-19 case, manipulated the protection elements used by the security force in that area, so Chinstraps and gloves could be contaminated.

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