Coronavirus | Ginés González García: “A gradual exit from quarantine is necessary”

Ginés González García, Minister of Health of the Nation, He confirmed that the exit from total quarantine “will be gradual” and asked society to understand that “you cannot leave overnight as if nothing had happened”.

The official avoided talking about dates and said that unknown if full isolation will extend beyond April 12.

In dialogue with radio The net, expressed: “A gradual exit from quarantine is necessary, people cannot leave overnight as if nothing had happened. But neither can you have, in absolute terms, a society paralyzed. “

At that point he clarified: “I don’t know the way, because you have to see the evolution (of the pandemic). The date, I don’t know, I don’t want to anticipate

Argentina will leave
Argentina will “gradually” exit the quarantine, as confirmed by the Minister of Health. Credits: NA.

González García confirmed that in The Government is already analyzing which sectors could begin to develop activities. “It is working based on the activities that younger people have. But we are working, I do not want to anticipate anything.”

The official did point out that the priority will be to protect older adults, who are the group most at risk of contracting the disease. “My obsession now is to see how to protect risk groups“, Highlighted.

In Argentina, the total number of confirmed cases amounted to 966 Y 25 deaths are recorded. Of the total infected people, 57.5% are men and 42.5% women.

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