Coronavirus | From this Monday the single movement certificate governs: who should process it

From this one Monday will take effect on unique movement certificate, a document that those who are exempt from complying with the preventive social isolation ordered by the Government must present on a mandatory basis.

In accordance with the first article of Administrative Resolution 446/2020 of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, this instrument will be the only one that will allow control personnel to authorize circulation of the people to whom Decree No. 297/20 exempts from quarantining.

However, in its second article the regulations “except from the obligation to process and carry “this document to those who carry out 15 of the 24 activities and essential services stipulated, who nevertheless must prove their condition through the” formalities and procedures that the competent authorities establish “.

Too those “who must move due to force majeure” are exempted, among which is the search for protection against cases of gender-based violence inside the homes where the quarantine is carried out.

Among the excepted will also be those workers of the National Public Sector that integrate the “payroll of agents that provide critical services“prepared by” the holders of each jurisdiction, entity or decentralized body of the National Public Sector, or the authority delegated by them “, as established by Administrative Decision No. 427/20.

The same will happen in the case of public agents who provide critical services “within the framework of” the legislative and judicial branches and the provincial, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and municipal authorities. “

Who should process the unique movement certificate

1. People affected to the performance of funeral services, burials and cremations.

2. Personnel affected by public works.

3. Wholesale and retail supermarkets and local retail stores. Pharmacy. Hardware stores. Veterinary. Bottle supply.

4. Food industries, their production chain and supplies; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other sanitary supplies.

5. Public passenger transport, transportation of merchandise, oil, fuels and LPG.

6. Home delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning products and other supplies of need.

7. Laundry services.

8. Essential surveillance, cleaning and guard services.

9. Minimum guards to ensure the operation and maintenance of Oil and Gas Fields, Oil and gas treatment and / or refining plants, transportation and distribution of electrical energy, liquid fuels, oil and gas, fuel dispensing stations and generators of electric power.

10. Activities and services included in the list of essentials –and therefore excepted from the prohibition to circulate- by virtue of Administrative Resolution 429/2020; that is to say:

11. Industries that carry out continuous processes whose interruption involves structural damage to production lines and / or machinery.

12. Production and biofuel distribution.

13. Operation of nuclear power plants.

14. Hotels affected by the health emergency service.

15. Minimum staffing necessary for the operation of the Argentine Aircraft Factory Brig. San Martín S.A.

16. National Value Comission, if necessary.

17. Airport operation. Garage and parking operations, with minimum provisions.

18. Sustaining activities related to mining environmental protection.

19. Tanneries, with a minimum endowment, for the reception of leather from the refrigeration activity.

20. Restaurants, prepared food places and fast food places only for home deliveries.

The unique movement certificate, which is processed online through, shall govern for the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, establishes Resolution 446/2020.

In this way, starting this Monday any other permission to circulate “will lose validity” different from the Unique Enabling Certificate, in the processing of which all “falsification of data” will be reason for “the application of the corresponding sanctions according to the current regulations”.

The document has the character of Personal and non-transferable and you must show up next to the DNI at “requirement of the competent authority at the time of driving on public roads.”

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