Coronavirus: doctors and nurses applauded a recovered police

Andrea he is 31 years old police and it was the first force member to have coronavirus In the town of Choele Choel, Black river. She was hospitalized for two weeks, recovered and was discharged.

The doctors and nurses fired her with applause and she thanked them for saving her life. “They were difficult days. I was a single day with artificial respirator and the others in a common room. I never felt alone because the health professionals assisted me at all times and became my family, “the woman told excitedly in dialogue with TN and The People.

“Well let’s fire Andrea, our first patient who recovered from COVID“, one of the nurses is heard saying in the video that she arrived at the citizen journalism portal. Immediately the applause and they threw pieces of paper at him. Before getting on the elevator, Andrea thanks each of them for saving her life.

Andrea had 39 degrees fever and muscle aches, with these symptoms the protocol was activated, they called 107, they did the swab and she tested positive. Unfortunately a co-worker died.

“These days of isolation made me rethink my priorities and think a lot about myself family. I believe in God and I know that he helped me, but I don’t want to stop thanking the doctors and nurses who accompanied me and saved life “he indicated.

Written by Argentina News

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