Coronavirus crisis: Taking off suspends personnel

The online tourism agency decided to suspend more than 150 employees in Argentina. It was already reducing personnel in the region

Despegar travel site is feeling the crisis caused by the coronavirus, which practically stopped tourism activity, both nationally and internationally.

At the end of 2019, Despegar undertook a strong adjustment and dismissed 120 people in the 21 offices it has in Latin America.

Then, in January 2020, the firm appointed Mariano Rocatti (in the main photo) as General Manager of the company in Argentina and Uruguay, which seemed to announce a revitalization of operations.

However, with the advance of the restrictions on flights that were appearing around the world, the company unlinked another 400 people. But that is not all.

Now, it is known that the travel company will suspend a third of the 500 employees it has in Argentina. The suspended workers, who would remain in that situation until September, will receive half of their wages.

According to reports, other employees will continue to work but fewer hours, and will receive 60% of the salary.

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