Coronavirus: business donation campaign has already raised $ 90 million

The bell Argentina needs us, promoted by private sector companies and articulated by the Red Cross already raised 90 million pesos, confirmed Diego Tipping, president of the organization.

“I think it will be the largest private solidarity initiative in history. Due to expectations, next week we expect a very important jump in the collection, “Tipping told

The idea came from the businessmen themselves who regularly collaborate with the Red Cross, in response to the advance of the coronavirus pandemic. “In each of the campaigns we already have a network of business volunteers who always try to contribute to us. When did this come from the pandemic these permanent partners called themselves, a table of business volunteers was set up, and they summoned others, “he said.

The money, which is raised through a deposit in a Red Cross account, will be used to buy supplies for health centers – state and private – throughout the country, especially respirators, reagent tests to detect new cases and personal protection kits for workers.

Of these kits, which include chinstrap, gloves and other protection elements, more than 25 million are neededThey last about four hours and are then discarded. Each kit costs around $ 700.

To determine where the inputs purchased will go with the collection, the Red Cross articulates the work with the Ministry of Health of the Nation. “With the State we coordinate what is needed and where, and then we take care of delivery to the point where you need to go. The Red Cross contributes the transparency of its processes ”, said Tipping, and said that the quotation and offer of the first purchases is already in process.

Regarding the contributors, the owner reported that there are small and large entrepreneurs, and they will all remain anonymous. “We always handle ourselves anonymously. Neither wants a photo or a name, or anything, is to contribute because you have to help, ”he said.

To guarantee the transparency of these actions, the donated money will be deposited in a current account of the Argentine Red Cross, audited free of charge by Deloitte Argentina and with the pro bono advice of Estudio Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi.

Donations are made to the current account of the Argentine Red Cross at Banco Macro (CBU 2850302630094194840721). For more information: Meanwhile, for all civil society there is also open the invitation to make donations. For any questions, the phone number is 0810-999-2222 or at

“We are excited because We hope that within all the difficult and serious aspects of this situation, the positive will be a change of mentality. In these circumstances we are responsible and part, we can not be happy if the next door is not happy, the solution is made between all “, closed Tipping.

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