Coronavirus | A Bahía Blanca restaurant that cannot pay wages opened to give food to its employees

In the midst of the emergency due to the compulsory quarantine to stop the coronavirus pandemic and given the difficulty in paying the salaries of his staff, the owner of a well-known restaurant in the city of Bahía Blanca decided to open the kitchen of the business to feed him To him eployees.

“When we close, we stay up to date, but that way we won’t be able to. We have a group with employees, in which we are more or less 30, and we decided with the merchandise that there is, until this becomes clear, to make a solidary meal and cook for them, “he told The Compass 24 Rubén Dialuce, the owner of “Il Mercato”.

According to the businessman, the chefs and bakers of the establishment approached prepare food ad honorem with different meals, which are removed in turn by the 30 employees that the premises have.

“In short, overnight we have two priorities, one breathe and the other eat, now they are luxuries for working people, “Dialuce lamented, who also questioned whether the gastronomic sector can recover” until October or November, beyond the help that the Government can give. “

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