Complaint before the federal justice: they ask to investigate whether there was incitement to collective violence behind the vandalism attacks on the countryside

In the midst of a scenario of high concern in the agricultural world due to the wave of vandalism attacks, many of them are through the breaking of silobags, Deputies for Together for Change, Lucila Lehmann and Luciano Bugallo, today filed a criminal complaint with Federal Court 4, Secretariat 2, of the city of Rosario, in charge of Marcelo Bailaque. According to those expressed in the brief, the deputies maintain, “since the case of Vicentin’s intervention has taken national status, it seems that the attacks have been escalating against the rural sector.”

The objective of the complaint is the opening of an investigation “in the possible existence of crimes of incitement to collective violence, illicit association and instigation to commit crimes, encouraged by individuals or groups that promote attacks against agriculture in different provinces of the country , which in turn have increased since the government made the decision to intervene and expropriate the Vicentin company. ”

The complaint calls for an investigation into the alleged crimes of incitement to collective violence (art. 212 CP), illicit association (art. 210 CP) and instigation to commit crimes (art. 209 CP), within the framework of the theft crimes (art. 162 CP), theft (art. 164 and 167 CP) and fire of agricultural property (art. 186 CP). The deputies, on the other hand, provided evidence regarding all the attacks made against the producers, and in turn there is accompanying evidence “regarding people and political activists who encourage attacks.”

The complaint was accompanied by national deputies by the Marcela Campagnoli Civic Coalition, Juan Manuel López, Mónica Frade, Mariana Zuvic and Pablo Torello, as well as provincial senators of the Civic Coalition of the province of Buenos Aires, Andres De Leo, Elisa Carca and Carolina Tironi, in addition to the provincial deputy, Maricel Etchecoin.

As stated in a statement, the national deputy for Together for Change for Santa Fe, Lucila Lehmann“In the complaint, evidence is provided regarding all the attacks made against the producers and, in turn, evidence is attached regarding people and political activists who encourage attacks.”

For his part, the Buenos Aires deputy Luciano BugalloHe commented: “What is being pursued with this complaint, on the one hand, is the defense of property (and its free disposal), and the freedom of work, in this specific case, of rural worker producers throughout the country. country, since we are forced to resort to the judicial route, due to the inaction – to say the least – of the relevant authorities ”.

And he added: “The aim is to bring tranquility to the entire country, mainly to Argentines in rural areas so that, in the midst of a pandemic, the production and supply of food – essential activity – is not affected so that it is protected from the source of work of thousands of families, who live directly or indirectly from rural activities and lastly, the entry of foreign currency into the country that is so badly needed is not affected ”.

In turn, Bugallo argued: “Our complaint asks the judge to investigate the incitement to violence and the ideological persecution behind these attacks. Hebe de Bonafini saying that they were going to destroy the crop of the oligarchic producers in Argentina, projects of agrarian reform, of the national grain board, expropriation of an agricultural company, statements in all the media. ‘It sought to generate a stigmatization of the productive sector that does not come from now”.

So far this year, the rural insecurity that producers suffer daily is demonstrated in the following crimes: murders, silobag breakage, intentional fires, theft of machinery, harvest, agrochemicals, cattle rustling and the usurpation of fields were recorded. “Agricultural producers are also citizens deserving of all the rights enshrined in our National Constitution and security is one of them,” said CRA leaders.

To cite some examples, in Mendoza they stole the harvest of 8,000 kilos of garlic from a producer. In approximately 60 cases, to date, of silobag breaks, according to the information provided by the CRA Economic Department, it is estimated that a total of 5,700 tons have been damaged. In addition, in each attempt to recover the grain, 15% of it is lost, added to the fact that around 870 tons remain without being able to collect it again.

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