Claudia López once again questioned the Government for not including the Bogotá Metro in the National Development Plan

Once again, the president was upset by the position of the national government regarding the construction of the first line of the Metro. Photo: Colprensa

Once again, the mayoress of Bogotá, Claudia López, criticized the national government and the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, for not including the Bogotá Metro within the strategic projects contemplated in the National Development Plan 2022-2026.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, February 8, the president sent a new blow to the head of the Transportation portfolio, saying that the decision not to incorporate the project into the document is part of a “blackmail” orchestrated by the official. He even stated that his intentions are based on stopping the construction of the first line which, according to the contract signed with the Chinese consortium, will be completely elevated.

“Unusual! It is the first time that he National government does not include the Bogotá metro as a strategic project in its Development Plan!” López Hernández expressed through his Twitter account. In the same way, he asserted that the credit and financing authorizations of the credit line will continue to be delayed. underground subway to Suba and Engativá.

This criticism was made citing a tweet by Minister Reyes in which he announced his participation in the first commission of the Senate to explain the advances of the first line of this transportation system and the resources provided by the national government. In this regard, he pointed out that “We can distort the thesis that it is stopped and is not being co-financed” and guaranteed state co-financing for 19.8 billion pesos.

Before the first committee of the Senate, the Minister of Transportation ratified the co-financing of the first line of the Bogotá Metro by the national government.  Twitter (@MinisterReyes)
Before the first committee of the Senate, the Minister of Transportation ratified the co-financing of the first line of the Bogotá Metro by the national government. Twitter (@MinisterReyes)

At that session, Senator Miguel Uribe Turbay He warned the other members of the commission that “Petro is about to leave the people of Bogotá without Metro.”

“It is evident that what you are saying,” the right-winger told Reyes, “does not correspond to the truth (…) But I want to say that the government of Juan Manuel Santos he never approved the underground subway,” he said. By the way, he recalled that it was not Enrique Peñalosa who stopped the works on the underground section, but that the Santos administration found that there was no cost-benefit relationship and, furthermore, there was no financial viability for those works that the then mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro.

Although the document does not specifically mention the Bogotá Metro, it does establish in the section Urban and regional public transport systems to take advantage of urban agglomerations that the Strategic Public Transport Systems with current co-financing agreements in force must become operational. It also indicates that the Government will provide technical and financial support to the structuring, implementation and entry of mobility projects for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

“A legal framework will be established that allows the development of financing schemes for public transport systems, specifying different sources of resources that can be established of public, private or mixed origin, of a tax or non-tax nature”, specifies the PND.

On Monday, February 6, the president stated that Minister Reyes’s statements about the first line of the Metro are part of a “blackmail” that puts the city and the infrastructure projects agreed with Cundinamarca at risk.

She even pointed out that she does not understand why, according to her, the Government wants to stop the works corresponding to the elevated route, even when these are articulated with the expansion of the 13TH Street and the construction of a Transmilenio trunk on that road.

“If the issue is really because we want more underground metro, then I don’t understand why the national government comes out to threaten Bogotá, Upload and Engativáwhich are two million people, to tell us ‘well no, if the Mayor’s Office refuses to arbitrarily modify the contract for the first line, well, we will freeze the money for the second line, which is underground. That doesn’t make much sense, right? ”, questioned the mayoress in dialogue with Snail News.

In the same way, he announced that they will have another technical table with the Executive in which other legal concepts will be studied to possible modifications of the contract of the first line of the Bogotá metro. “If the president tells us to analyze this information, well, we are going to analyze it, but there has already been a first analysis and the result is that it is very risky because the people of Bogotá would end up with lawsuits, with sanctions, with litigation, instead of the metro,” López added to the aforementioned medium.

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