CLARÍN informed employees that it will pay the SALARIES in installments

The media group said it is facing “great difficulties” and will pay the wages in two parts. Rejection of workers

Grupo Clarín announced to its employees that it will pay May salaries in two installments. According to information, the fact caused discontent and assemblies by the staff.

The multimedia led by Héctor Magnetto (in the photo) announced that the first part of the salary will be paid on May 5 (60% of the total) and the second part on May 22.

In response to the decision of the media company, the internal commission called an extraordinary assembly, details the portal Gestión Sindical.

Clarín maintains in his statement that the measure was taken “due to the great difficulties we are facing and which are public knowledge.”

But the measure generated employee rejection. “Given the worrying news that the company will pay April’s salary in two installments, we call a virtual general assembly,” states the statement by the AGEA (Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentino) workers.

Last month, Grupo Clarín reported that during 2019 it had a loss of 1,459.1 million pesos, which represents an increase of 7.5% compared to the negative result of 2018.

In a statement to the National Securities Commission (CNV), the company said that “revenues reached 25,429 million pesos, which represents a 14.1% drop compared to 2018 sales. Of this total, 45 % corresponded to advertising sales “.

The Clarín group detailed that its net worth reaches 10,473,700,171 pesos.

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