Chinstrap vs. face mask: which one is recommended to use in each case

In the framework of the pandemic of coronavirus, there are already five Argentine provinces that decreed the compulsory use of “face masks” in their territories: Catamarca He did it first and the measure has been in effect since March 27; he followed Missions, starting this Monday; Jujuy, where it will begin to be implemented next Friday; Y La Rioja, Salta and Santiago del Estero, since April 13. In the Buenos aires city, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, recommended it. The usefulness of these protection elements is prevent asymptomatic infected from spreading the virus.

From these measures, pharmacies reported a increased demand for chinstraps and they recognized that is having trouble getting the product with your usual distributors.

Margarita Menéndez Llanos, president of the College of Pharmacists of the City of Buenos Aires, explained in dialogue with TN that in Buenos Aires pharmacies “delivery is limited to 3 chinstraps per person”.

Encouraged the use of homemade face masks if they are not health personnel or infected with Covid-19.

Menéndez Llanos pointed out that the masks “they serve to be able to leave their houses in these circumstances“as to go shopping, or take the dog for a walk.

In reference to chinstraps, the president of the Buenos Aires College of Pharmacists recognized that “they do not last more than 5 hours” and that you have to change them every time they get wet. He mentioned the “social chinstrap” and the “three-layer chinstrap”, and highlighted that both cannot be used more than twice.

There are other chinstraps, known as the “N 95” that, according to the president of the College of Pharmacists of the City of Buenos Aires, are for professional useThey have the ability to filter 95% of the air and droplets of exudates that people can emit when they cough or sneeze. “They were 300 pesos when they were obtained, but today there are none and, in unusual channels, they are selling them to A thousand pesos“Menéndez Llanos acknowledged.

The woman discouraged the use of this type of professional facial protection element, alleging that “it will be prioritized for health personnel”.

“What has been changing regarding the use of chinstrap is the phase. A week ago we were in the containment phase in which use of chinstrap it was mandatory for people who came from outsidethose who were infected and the medical staff who was directly in contact with them, “he remarked and added:” Now we are moving to a local transmission phase. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is one of the places where we are going to have the most community transmission because we have the highest number of infected, so the use of masks seems to me a wise suggestion. “

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