Chinese doctors warn that it is a mistake to quarantine at home

In Italy and Spain serious patients are in hospitals and mild at home, in order to lighten the health system but that generates more problems

The visit of a delegation of Chinese doctors to Italy led the Asian experts committee to criticize the government of that country for the laxity of its measures. In addition to denouncing the excessive movement of people on the street, the doctors also warned of the error that those infected with coronavirus with mild symptoms spent the quarantine at home.

The situation is also repeated in Spain, where health professionals recommend “paracetamol and rest at home” to those infected.

According to Bloomberg, the Wuhan doctors made the same mistake at the beginning of the outbreak: serious patients in hospitals and mild patients at home in order to lighten the health system. The extent of the disease was not yet known.

However, researchers at the University of Sichuan now warn that mild patients, often without the confirmed Covid-19 positive, who pass the quarantine at home are a more than likely focus of infection for their relatives. And even for other people, because there are many who leave their house believing that “there is not so much.” For example: El Corriere della Sera reported that 50 people with confirmed positives were detected on the streets of Italy on Saturday.

After the first few weeks, already in early February, Wuhan began to detect all minor cases and put them in makeshift hospitals in stadiums, gyms and offices. The figures say that 80% of infections originated from people who were asked to rest at home.

Therefore, the Chinese experts committee recommended that Italy follow the same protocol, despite the fact that transalpine homes are generally larger than the Chinese. “We cannot say whether the Italian household quarantine is correct or incorrect because each country has its own mechanism, but we found some problems,” members of the Asian mission said.

Hotels are already set up in Milan to house patients with mild symptoms. The first, with 306 rooms, will be ready this week.

Spain makes the same mistakes

Official data from the Ministry of Health as of Monday, March 30, indicates that there are already more than 85,000 cases and 7,340 deaths from coronavirus in Spain. However, several experts point out that the actual contagions could be much higher. A former senior official at the World Health Organization (WHO) specifically warns that there may already be more than 600,000 people with the virus.

This is Daniel López-Acuña, former director of Health Action in Crisis Situations of the WHO, who pointed out this Friday in an interview with RNE that “it is very likely that the actual number of people infected by coronavirus is ten times greater than the number confirmed cases. ” This would mean 640,000 infections. And the main reason is the lack of tests for most people with symptoms, which is leading many patients to stay home without a specific, only speculative diagnosis.

These cases are not counted in the positive government officials because they are not scientifically proven through tests. Due to the great collapse of the hospitals, the doctors and nurses who care in 061 for those infected with symptoms indicate that there is “a 90% or 99% probability of suffering from the virus and that you should stay home taking paracetamol.”

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