Why did Bitcoin fall again? / Argentina News

The largest cryptocurrency touched $ 33,400 on Sunday morning, almost 20% below the $ 41,200 it traded on Tuesday afternoon. Bitcoin (BTC) fell during the weekend below US $ 36,000 affected by the closure of mining farms in China and a possible increase in regulations in the Asian country, and accumulated its sixth day in … Read more

They discovered a drug that reduces the risk of death from COVID by 81% / Argentina News

The work had international repercussion and was published in the scientific journal EClinicalMedicine, one of the 22 publications edited by The Lancet Researchers from the University of Buenos Aires made a finding in terms of treatments against Covid-19 that will undoubtedly mark a before and after for those who contract the disease as well as … Read more

5 movies to watch this weekend / Argentina News

The content platform offers its users an immense amount of movies for its users. Know which are the most popular Netflix update your content every week. This means that some titles leave the platform, while many others add to its huge catalog. The latter can have two destinations: go unnoticed or be a resounding success. … Read more